If you want to try out Nussknacker and see all the bells and whistles - please checkout Quickstart section for working Docker demo.

Step by step install

To install Nussknacker manually you will need following working components. Please see sample configurations in docker demo.

  • Apache Flink - follow Flink 1.7 Local Setup
  • Apache Kafka - if your sources/sinks are running on Apache Kafka (which we recommend)
  • InfluxDB & Grafana - for complete monitoring solution
  • ELK stack for real-time document analysis, dashboards and more
  • Install Nussknacker
    • Download assembly jar
    • Prepare configuration
    • The application can be run with simple command: java -Dconfig.file=./conf/application.conf -cp nussknacker-ui-assembly.jar pl.touk.nussknacker.ui.NussknackerApp 8080 - please see Quickstart files for additional details

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