Migration guide

To see biggest differences please consult the changelog.

In version 0.1.2

  • #957 Custom node aggregate from generic model has changed parameter from windowLengthInSeconds to windowLength with human friendly duration input. If you have used it in process, you need to insert correct value again.
  • #954 TypedMap is not a case class wrapping scala Map anymore. If you have done some pattern matching on it, you should use case typedMap: TypedMap => typedMap.asScala instead.

In version 0.1.1

  • #930 DeeplyCheckingExceptionExtractor was moved from nussknacker-flink-util module to nussknacker-util module.
  • #919 KafkaSource constructor now doesn't take consumerGroup. Instead of this it computes consumerGroup on their own based on kafka.consumerGroupNamingStrategy in modelConfig (default set to processId). You can also override it by overriddenConsumerGroup optional parameter. Regards to this changes, KafkaConfig has new, optional parameter consumerGroupNamingStrategy.
  • #920 KafkaSource constructor now takes KafkaConfig instead of using one that was parsed by BaseKafkaSourceFactory.kafkaConfig. Also if you parse Typesafe Config to KafkaSource on your own, now you should use dedicated method KafkaConfig.parseConfig to avoid further problems when parsing strategy will be changed.
  • #914 pl.touk.nussknacker.engine.api.definition.Parameter has deprecated main factory method with runtimeClass parameter. Now should be passed isLazyParameter instead. Also were removed runtimeClass from variances of factory methods prepared for easy testing (optional method and so on).

In version 0.1.0

  • #755 Default async execution context does not depend on parallelism. asyncExecutionConfig.parallelismMultiplier has been deprecated and should be replaced with asyncExecutionConfig.workers. 8 should be sane default value.
  • #722 Old way of configuring Flink and model (via flinkConfig and processConfig) is removed. processTypes configuration should be used from now on. Example:
      flinkConfig {...}
      processConfig {...}
      processTypes {
        "type e.g. streaming" {
          engineConfig { 
            type: "flinkStreaming"
          modelConfig {
            classPath: PUT HERE VALUE OF flinkConfig.classPath FROM OLD CONFIG
  • #763 Some API traits (ProcessManager, DictRegistry DictQueryService, CountsReporter) now extend java.lang.AutoCloseable.
  • Old way of additional properties configuration should be replaced by the new one, which is now mapped to Map[String, AdditionalPropertyConfig]. Example in your config:
      additionalFieldsConfig: {
        mySelectProperty {
          label: "Description"
          type: "select"
          isRequired: false
          values: ["true", "false"]
      additionalPropertiesConfig {
        mySelectProperty {
          label: "Description"
          defaultValue: "false"
          editor: {
            type: "FixedValuesParameterEditor",
            possibleValues: [
              {"label": "Yes", "expression": "true"},
              {"label": "No", "expression": "false"}
  • #588 #882 FlinkSource API changed, current implementation is now BasicFlinkSource
  • #839 #882 FlinkSink API changed, current implementation is now BasicFlinkSink
  • #841 ProcessConfigCreator API changed; note that currently all process objects are invoked with ProcessObjectDependencies as a parameter. The APIs of KafkaSinkFactory, KafkaSourceFactory, and all their implementations were changed. Config is available as property of ProcessObjectDependencies instance.
  • #863 restUrl in engineConfig need to be preceded with protocol. Host with port only is not allowed anymore.
  • Rename grafanaSettings to metricsSettings in configuration.

In version 0.0.12

  • Upgrade to Flink 1.7
  • Refactor of custom transformations, dictionaries, unions, please look at samples in example or generic to see API changes
  • Considerable changes to authorization configuration, please look at sample config to see changes
  • Circe is now used by default instead of Argonaut, but still can use Argonaut in Displayable

In version 0.0.11

  • Changes in CustomStreamTransformer implementation, LazyInterpreter became LazyParameter, please look at samples to see changes in API

In version 0.0.8

  • Upgrade to Flink 1.4
  • Change of format of Flink cluster configuration
  • Parameters of sources and sinks are expressions now - automatic update of DB is available
  • Change of configuration of Grafana dashboards
  • Custom processes are defined in main configuration file now

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