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Platform Overview

Nussknacker is an end-to-end platform allowing organizations to author, deploy and monitor real-time decision algorithms that process event data.

Main platform capabilities.#

  • Scenario authoring. Decision scenarios are authored using a drag and drop approach with the help of predefined processing nodes. Check here for the overview of processing nodes available and the authoring tool capabilities.

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Scenario authored with Nussknacker Designer

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Node parameterization

  • Deploy to Flink. Deploy to Flink. Once authored, with a click of a button, scenario definitions are deployed for processing to Flink. All event data processing is executed by Flink. Nussknacker dashboard provides status information on the deployed scenarios.
  • Scenario monitoring. Flink allows a wide range of metrics to be collected, Nussknacker out of the box makes these metrics available on a Grafana dashboard.

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