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Version: 0.4


Nussknacker was created as GUI for Flink. However, it's also possible to use it to connect to other runtimes. DeploymentManager and DeploymentManagerProvider interfaces were created to facilitate this. In particular, we provide experimental standalone engine, which allows using Nussknacker as method of creating REST APIs

To create/customize Nussknacker engine you have to:

  • Implement DeploymentManagerProvider interface and register it with ServiceLoader mechanism. Each provider should have unique name.
  • Put implementation with all needed libraries on Nussknacker classpath.
  • Configure appropriate model to use your process manager.

To configure process category to use particular engine, see following configuration:

    scenarioTypes {
"streaming": {
type: ... //name of engine, e.g. "flinkStreaming"
//... - additional engine config (e.g. location of Flink cluster, etc.)
modelConfig: {
//model configuration
classPath: [...]



Main processing engine for Nussknacker. It's published in nussknacker-flink-manager module. Name of engine is flinkStreaming


This engine is considered experimental. It allows to use Nussknacker to expose REST APIs or use it as embedded rules engine. We provide simplistic implementation of process manager in nussknacker-standalone-app module. Name of engine is requestResponseStandalone