About us


Nussknacker was created at TouK, a software house in Warsaw, Poland. Since 2002 we have worked on multiple long-term projects for companies in a number of fields: telecommunications, media & digital communications, financial services, banking, utility, logistics, publishing, and the security sector.


We were working on a real-time marketing system and we realized that there were no tools to run stream processing that subject matter experts could configure themselves. There was no solution enabling easy configuration of Flink jobs by non-developers. We needed a system with low maintenance cost. Plus, we wanted to find a way to stop business operations from eating into scarce IT resources

Since then, Nussknacker has evolved beyond streams, with multiple use-cases, integrating various data sources.

We believe that the idea of empowering domain experts to define logic is worth pursuing.  This is especially the case in areas with high performance requirements.


Nussknacker means nutcracker in German. The name pays tribute to Apache Flink's well-known logo of a squirrel holding a hazelnut. It also has symbolic meaning. Stream processing in the hands of domain experts used to be a hard nut to crack. But with Nussknacker, we think we’ve cracked it.

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