Nussknacker 1.5

What’s New in Nussknacker 1.5


Today we’ve released Nussknacker version 1.5.0.

In this version, we focused mainly on unifying our kafka source and sink components as well as some filter and choice (former switch) component improvements.

Key updates

Unified kafka components

We have introduced single kafka components capable of handling various schema types e.g AVRO and JSON SCHEMA. 

On the source side, there’s not much change. You choose a topic with a schema of your choice. On the sink side on the other hand you can switch between two editor modes: ‘raw’ where you define output as a whole and ‘not-raw’ where you specify each output field at a time.



Users are able to define more complex data filtering using this component. For your convenience you can define the order of conditions - each of them has a number describing the order of matching.


Tab completion

Right now you can navigate on any node component window using TAB and SHIFT+TAB keys for reverse navigation.



We’ve added a full-outer-join component which is a Nussknacker version of SQLs full outer join. Now you can do a full spectrum of event streams joins with complementary single-side-join components. More explanation in docs.

TypingFunction API

We’ve introduced a new experimental API with the help of which you can easily create generic helper functions.

Notifications redesigned

We’ve improved our notification mechanism for a better presentation of the deployment status.

The full changelog can be found at