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  • This demo site has all the set up prepared.
  • You can edit DetectLargeTransactions scenario easily.
  • Just click 'edit' button and explore Nussknacker Designer.

You are ready to check our demo environment


  • For the sake of the demo test events are constantly generated to coresponding AKHQ Kafka topics
    • You can see listed topic, its count's and size, you can even explore what's inside topic by 'double click' on its name.
    • You can see topics schema in 'Schema Registry' tab. Based on that schema Nussknacker Designer provides code completion and validation of Kafka events.
    • You can click 'counts' button to see live data statistics.
  • You can see how scenario is working in its Grafana metrics panel. Here are various plots representing e.g.:
    • service throughput - how many events per second pass through scenario.
    • rejected events - how many events have not fulfilled scenario conditions.
    • External services - e.g. enrichers - details on external HTTP requests performance.
    • General scenario stats - uptime, checkpoint duration, number of restarts.