Industrial IoT solutions

Low-code tool for decisions  and actions on real-time data

The easy way to define and manage IoT algorithms and decisioning

Domain expert's POV

Decision scenarios are created by using drag and drop components

The advanced mechanism provides contextual expression suggestions, autocompletion, and validation

Developer's POV

Nussknacker uses Kafka for input streams of data and output streams of decisions. Nussknacker can enrich input streams with data from databases and OpenAPI endpoints.

Nussknacker has two runtime engines. Lightweight, Kubernetes-based, straightforward to set up and maintain. And Flink-based for advanced streaming use cases, when aggregations are needed.

It's Machine Learning ready. You can combine data served by ML models with event streams or analytical data.

3 ways to deploy

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No vendor lock-in


If you are wondering how to customize Nussknacker or if it fits your use case, let us know, and we will help.


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