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Version: 1.3

Streaming-Lite specific model configuration

Common configuration

NameImportanceTypeDefault valueDescription
pollDurationLowduration100msPoll duration of Kafka consumer
shutdownTimeoutLowduration10sHow long to wait for graceful shutdown
interpreterTimeoutLowduration10sTimeout of invocation of scenario (including enrichers) for events consumed in one poll
publishTimeoutLowduration10sTimeout on producing resulting event to Kafka
waitAfterFailureDelayLowduration10sProcessing delay after unexpected, transient error (does not include e.g. expression errors or 500 codes from OpenAPI)

Kafka configuration

Currently, it's only possible to use one Kafka cluster for one model configuration. This configuration is used for all Kafka based sources and sinks. See common config for the details.

modelConfig {
kafka {
kafkaAddress: "broker1:9092,broker2:9092"
kafkaProperties {
"schema.registry.url": "http://schemaregistry:8081"

Exception handling

Errors are sent to Kafka, to a dedicated topic:

modelConfig {
exceptionHandlingConfig: {
topic: "errors"

please look at common cofiguration for the details of the configuration.