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Hand over stream processing to domain experts

Nussknacker is a visual tool
to run real-time business logic
for event streams combined with analytical data or data served by ML models
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A visual tool for subject-matter experts

No need to engage developers to code business logic


Nussknacker was built to be part of event-driven architectures. It uses Kafka as its primary interface: input streams of data and output streams of decisions. And since input streams are often not enough, Nussknacker can enrich them with data from databases and OpenAPI endpoints.

Nussknacker can be used with its own, lightweight, Kubernetes-based engine. It provides scalability and high availability, while being straightforward to set up and maintain. However, in advanced streaming use cases, when aggregations are needed, Nussknacker can execute decision scenarios on Flink – one of the most advanced platforms for stream processing.

For event-driven architecture

More agile business

Business teams can manage business logic without developers' help

They can run & test new algorithms faster, so teams become more agile

More technology development

Nussknacker saves developers time for more technical tasks

It's open-source, easy to deploy, and flexible in development

Proven performance

Processing millions of events per day for market leaders in telecom and financial industries

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Potential use-cases

3 ways to deploy

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