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When real-time actions on data have to be made

Nussknacker allows IT teams to hand over decision algorithms directly to users

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A visual tool

In domains where business logic is frequently modified and experimented upon

Experts build and deploy complex decision algorithms in a visual way

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No technical details exposed

Domain experts instruct the system on what to do without engineers’ help


An engineer selects the deployment engine and sets up data sources


A domain expert creates a flow diagram and tests it


The expert deploys the decision algorithm with one click and monitors metrics

Key features

Ease of use

  • flow diagrams for decision algorithms
  • powerful expression language
  • autocompletion and validation
  • testing and monitoring tools
  • REST (OpenAPI) and data base (JDBC) enrichments
  • ML models inferring enrichments
  • one-click deployment
  • version history

Deployment flexibility

  • running on Flink or K8s-based lightweight engine
  • Kafka® and HTTP interfaces
  • integrates with Kafka-compatible platforms like Confluent® Cloud, Azure Event Hubs® and Aiven® for Apache Kafka®
  • streaming and request-response modes
  • customisable and extensible
  • open source with enterprise extensions
  • on premises and cloud
A building block for

Real-time marketing

Communications with customers in real-time, providing event-driven offers and actions
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Fraud management

Mitigating fraud by running detection algorithms on network or device signals
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Next Best Action

Assisting the Point Of Sale, displaying suggestions about what to offer and how to proceed with a customer

Customer data processing

Decisioning on dynamic customer data in
- dynamic pricing
- order status management
- instant credit scoring

Internet of Things

Automating actionable data in
- predictive maintenance
- inventory management
- smart devices

ML models deployment

Infer Machine Learning models from within complex decision algorithms
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Customer Story

Nussknacker has been successfully used to run real-time marketing campaigns for a telecoms company, PLAY. Its usefulness has been clearly demonstrated as the scope of the implementation has been significantly extended.


Cloud, support, customisation.

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